All I've ever wanted was to feel wanted
But even at my age, that's something that's very distant

Why should I continue to change?
When I'm already the person I want to be
I promised myself I would never change
But even you can see that I've failed myself
That's a lost memory

What have I become?
I've become everything I swore I'd never be
This isn't the life I chose
And its so hard to hold onto everything you believe in
When everyone else, everyone else wants you to be something you're not

But trust me when I say you'll never get the best of me

Fuck you if you think you can take me away from me
In the end I and I is all that it will ever be
Recognize that, Recognize that

And if you can't except me for me
Then just fuck off and leave
I don't need you anyway
This life is mine to hold
It's not for you to control
So just do what you're told

Back the fuck off
And worry about your own life
I understand you care
But this just isn't fair
I don't tell you how to live your life

Just let me be
Cause this life is all I've ever known
And now that I've grown
I've finally come to know
That I love this misery
And I know it's hard for you to see
But please,
Just let me be me


from Welcome To The Struggle, released August 5, 2013



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