Welcome To The Struggle

by Strength In The Struggle

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released August 5, 2013

Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Brian Bounpakob



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Strength In The Struggle

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Track Name: Welcome To The Struggle
Fuck you
Fuck this
Fuck everything
This is the way I've always felt
I'm tired of always being the one that has to change
And if I ever find a good reason
I'll come to terms with this life I've been given
Welcome To The Struggle
Track Name: Last Words
All I've ever wanted was to feel wanted
But even at my age, that's something that's very distant

Why should I continue to change?
When I'm already the person I want to be
I promised myself I would never change
But even you can see that I've failed myself
That's a lost memory

What have I become?
I've become everything I swore I'd never be
This isn't the life I chose
And its so hard to hold onto everything you believe in
When everyone else, everyone else wants you to be something you're not

But trust me when I say you'll never get the best of me

Fuck you if you think you can take me away from me
In the end I and I is all that it will ever be
Recognize that, Recognize that

And if you can't except me for me
Then just fuck off and leave
I don't need you anyway
This life is mine to hold
It's not for you to control
So just do what you're told

Back the fuck off
And worry about your own life
I understand you care
But this just isn't fair
I don't tell you how to live your life

Just let me be
Cause this life is all I've ever known
And now that I've grown
I've finally come to know
That I love this misery
And I know it's hard for you to see
But please,
Just let me be me
Track Name: Repeating Endlessly
Looking back
On this life I've lived
All the things that I've seen
All the choices I've made
And it's hard for me
With these haunting decisions
Plaguing my mind the entire time

It's like my mind is stuck on rewind

Over and over again
Past memories keeping me a slave within
I'm trying to break away
But this war in my mind goes on everyday

So take me back to the time when I was a kid
And I didn't give a fuck about what I did
I didn't give a fuck about what was said
Ignorance was bliss
And I was living it
But now I've grown up
Been through so much
I don't even know who I am anymore

My mind is turning on me
This day's just repeating
Repeating endlessly

But if I'm alive
I'm alive for a reason

All my life I've been searching for something
Something more then a life full of nothing
But I don't know what else to do
I'm just as lost as all of you

Say what you will
But this is the way it's always been
And I wouldn't have it any other way
Cause if you've got it easy
There's no complaints you have to give
If you've never struggled
You've never lived

And it always comes back to the beginning
If life was that easy
What would be the point in living?

Now I finally see
This is the way it should be

If you've got it easy
There's no complaints for you to give
If you've never struggled
Then you never lived
Track Name: Realistic State Of Mind
Look around and tell me what you see
Are you living in a dream or are you living in reality?

The world has made you blind to the truth
But you know damn well the truth is always in view
How can you continue to believe
That hope exists in a world where nothing is ever as it seems?

I know it's hard to resist
The state of mind in which you think the good will always persist
But you just need to stop lying to yourself
Even when you think things are good
You're just as fucked as everyone else

I'd like to think that everything's okay
And I'm not just imagining things
But when you take the time to look around
It's not that hard to see whats going down
We're all just waiting to die
Why do we all try so hard to find
Acceptance in each others eye's?

And even though none of us asked for it to be like this
We all need to look deep within our hearts
Because when you finally realize the world will always get the best of you
You need to do your best to live
No matter what, Live for you.

So as you try to find your place in this life
Always know it's best
To see life through open eyes

And as you continue to go on with your life
Always make sure to stick with
A Realistic State of Mind
Track Name: Problem/Solution
I'm looking for a simple change
I've found better ways
I've seen better days
I look around and everyone in this room is the same
So let me just say,
Fuck this place

Look into my eyes and show me something real
So stop spitting your bullshit
Cause it's just getting old
It's about time you grow up
We both know you're not that tough

These times are passing and you will never change
There's nothing left you have to prove
In a world where you're afraid to be you
I'll always expect the least from you
I'll always expect the least

Show me your true face
The real person inside of you
Not that lying sack of shit behind that fucking mask

I've lost all my faith in humanity
Because humanity has never given me a reason
And all my life I've been blind to this
But these past few years have opened my eyes

I can see right through you and the lies
You're just about everything that I despise
You fucking cowards, You fucking fakes
You're the reason why I feel this hate

This hate is killing me
And I can't take it any longer
You're like an act on a stage
Another false story
A waste of a page

I've lost all my faith in humanity
Because it's never given me a reason

Save the world
Kill yourself