Realistic State Of Mind

from by Strength In The Struggle



Look around and tell me what you see
Are you living in a dream or are you living in reality?

The world has made you blind to the truth
But you know damn well the truth is always in view
How can you continue to believe
That hope exists in a world where nothing is ever as it seems?

I know it's hard to resist
The state of mind in which you think the good will always persist
But you just need to stop lying to yourself
Even when you think things are good
You're just as fucked as everyone else

I'd like to think that everything's okay
And I'm not just imagining things
But when you take the time to look around
It's not that hard to see whats going down
We're all just waiting to die
Why do we all try so hard to find
Acceptance in each others eye's?

And even though none of us asked for it to be like this
We all need to look deep within our hearts
Because when you finally realize the world will always get the best of you
You need to do your best to live
No matter what, Live for you.

So as you try to find your place in this life
Always know it's best
To see life through open eyes

And as you continue to go on with your life
Always make sure to stick with
A Realistic State of Mind


from Welcome To The Struggle, released August 5, 2013



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