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I'm looking for a simple change
I've found better ways
I've seen better days
I look around and everyone in this room is the same
So let me just say,
Fuck this place

Look into my eyes and show me something real
So stop spitting your bullshit
Cause it's just getting old
It's about time you grow up
We both know you're not that tough

These times are passing and you will never change
There's nothing left you have to prove
In a world where you're afraid to be you
I'll always expect the least from you
I'll always expect the least

Show me your true face
The real person inside of you
Not that lying sack of shit behind that fucking mask

I've lost all my faith in humanity
Because humanity has never given me a reason
And all my life I've been blind to this
But these past few years have opened my eyes

I can see right through you and the lies
You're just about everything that I despise
You fucking cowards, You fucking fakes
You're the reason why I feel this hate

This hate is killing me
And I can't take it any longer
You're like an act on a stage
Another false story
A waste of a page

I've lost all my faith in humanity
Because it's never given me a reason

Save the world
Kill yourself


from Welcome To The Struggle, released August 5, 2013



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