When your only options the lead from the barrel
And you're wanting to give up
I won't hesitate to tell you
Stop being a bitch
And grow the fuck up

I know the world is just a fucked up place
And society is losing control everyday
But that doesn't mean you have to lose it to
Don't let it be the end of you

I know exactly how you feel
It's nothing new to me
I feel this everyday
And sometimes I feel like the only way to make things better is to
End my fucking life

But I won't take the easy way out
And I refuse to die in such a selfish way
Cause I've hit rock bottom
And we all know it's hard to get back to the top
But just because it's hard doesn't mean that you should just give up

Life isn't always good so please just stop pretending
The world doesn't adapt to you
You adapt to it

Take each day
As it comes
And don't forget who's in control

I live my life off track

I won't let the world bring me down
And I won't let it be the end of me

I'm worth more alive than dead


from Welcome To The Struggle, released August 5, 2013



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